Head circumference and hat sizing

Ribbed Beanie Knit Pattern

Head circumference and hat sizing

The head circumference and hat sizing is important information while knitting a beanie.

The knitting patterns listed on this page contain measurements and sizing based on gauge and number of stitches.

If your working gauge is tighter or looser than that given, you may need to adjust your needle size.

It is better than adjusting your number of stitches because you may have trouble following the pattern.

Head sizes vary from person to person but generally follow the size categories below.


How to measure head circumference

The best way to measure your head circumference, is to wrap a tape measure snugly around your head, at the widest part over your hair, from your forehead, above your ears, and around the back, then round to the front again.

The fit of a hat is based on the style of the hat. Some people like them to be loose for a casual look or tight for a sporty look.

So please consider this when you decide the size of the hat you should follow.

Head circumference

Hat sizes: baby, toddler, child, teen, adult woman, an adult man

Head Circumference
inches cm
Baby – 6 to 12 months 16 to 18 41 to 46
Toddler – 12 months to 3 years 18 to 20 46 to 48
Child – 3 to 10 years 19 to 20.5 48 to 51
Teen 20.5 to 21.5 51 to 54
Adult Woman 21.5 to 22.5 54 to 57
Adult man 23 to 24 58 to 60.5


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