5 amazing reasons to start knitting

5 amazing reasons to start knitting

5 amazing reasons to start knitting

Let’s see 5 amazing reasons to start knitting.

Have you noticed that everybody is knitting these days??

But is there something special about knitting? Why is everyone enjoying knitting?

Well, there is a reason, or more reasons!!

1.Knitting is like a relaxing therapy, which actually makes you happy!

This activity is known as the new yoga!

The relaxation response brings down blood pressure and heart rate and helps to prevent stress-related illnesses.

Knitting can reduce depression, anxiety and stress.

While knitting, the focus is turned elsewhere and this results in a distraction from chronic pain and other problems.


2. Knitting is both calming and productive

It is a creative activity that helps you pass your free time in a wonderful way. Many people start knitting in order to cut smoking. Some others find that craftwork helps them control their weight.

You are never bored since there is always a new pattern to follow or a sweater you dream to wear.

The Internet is full of new designs waiting for you to explore.

You can knit everywhere and you can carry your knit kits with you while traveling or visiting a friend.


3. You make unique gifts to your beloved ones

A handmade gift is full of love and sentiment and will give so much joy.

You can make a baby blanket for your bestie’s newborn or a shawl to your mother or your grandmother. Christmas socks or an ugly Christmas jumper is a clever idea for a gift at the holiday season.

A scarf or beanie are ideal gifts for birthdays since they are easy projects that do not take too long to be finished.


4. As it is a creative activity you can create your own clothes and accessories 

You chose the pattern, the yarn, the colors, the size or the length and you actually design your final outcome.

If you love fashion and you follow current trends, you can create your own must-have chunky knits, the hottest trend the last few years.


5. Knitting is good for our health and psychology

Could there be a better reason to pick up your knitting needles?

The feeling of pride and gratification that comes when you make a handmade gift rises your self-esteem and capability.

The researchers believe that craft activities promote the development of neural pathways in the brain that help to maintain mental health.

Studies found that those who engaged in crafts like knitting had a diminished chance of developing dementia and memory loss.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your needles and start the most joyful activity!!

You need help to start a new project?

Are you a beginner and you need an easy pattern?

Are you an intermediate knitter and you need clear instructions to move on more difficult designs?

You are at the right place!! Either you are a beginner or an advanced knitter you can find a design that is absolutely perfect for you.

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