First steps in knitting

First steps in knitting

First steps in knitting

Are you about to take your first steps in knitting?

Since I am a knitting teacher for several years I have experienced the joy and the excitement of my students when they take their first steps in knitting.

At first, they are all so hesitant because they do not know even why they have decided to start this new hobby.

Many of them want to be able to make all these wonderful oversized hand-knitted sweaters they admire on Instagram or other social media.

Many of them want to start a new activity so they pass their free time because they lost their jobs.

Whatever is the reason that made you start knitting, you made the right decision.

At what age should I start knitting?

Age does not matter at all.

My students are from 16 years old to 60 years old.

They all have the same enthusiasm when they take their first class.

Some of them do not even know how to hold the needles or the yarn but all of them are so willing and determine to learn so they all end up creating wonderful knitwear.

The most important thing is to step into a beginner’s shoes.

A beginner needs to know the dos and don’ts. Only the essential information should be given.

Tension means nothing to a beginner so they will pay no attention.

Clear instructions are essential

Clear instructions should be given and even the most self-evident information should be explained.

This is what I have in mind when I give the instructions to my students in the class or when I write them on the pdf you purchase.

A small or easy project is the ideal one for a beginner.

Small or large needles?

In my opinion, large needles are better because the project will finish earlier. Usually, beginner knitters are so eager to see their project finished and so impatient to wear it and large needles will help in achieving this earlier.

What type of yarn?

The yarn should be appropriate for the size of the needles you will use.

It does not matter if you do not know the types of yarn, this is not so important at this point.

The only thing you should consider is whether wool feels itchy or scratchy, some people are quite sensitive, and try to avoid it. Of course, you may not be aware of this, so it would be a good idea to avoid it.

My opinion is for you to use a cheap, yet nice yarn in your favorite color for your first project. A multicolor or a fancy yarn is ideal.

Acrylic yarn is cheaper than wool, alpaca, merino, cashmere, and mixed yarns.

The mistakes are unavoidable so do not be upset. Your second project will have fewer mistakes and the third one will be even better.

Ok, but what should I knit first?

A scarf or a cowl is the easiest and among the most popular accessories during wintertime.

An easy beanie knitted flat is also quite a favorite one among the ideal projects for beginners.

Which stitch pattern should I follow?

In my opinion, the ideal stitch for a beginner scarf is the garter stitch. It is too easy, it has the same look on both sides and the piece stays flat.

As soon as you wear your first scarf, cowl or beanie you will be so proud of yourself (your teacher will also be so proud of you) and you will enjoy wearing it so much that all your friends will notice this. Is there any greater satisfaction? Wearing a beautiful and unique scarf made BY YOU??

The compliments are so welcomed that will give you the push to knit more and more.

You will enjoy knitting so much that you will end up wearing only your own handmade knitwear.

And don’t forget that knitting is α relaxing therapy. For more about the benefits of knitting, you can read our post 5 amazing reasons to start knitting

So you are at the right place where you can find tips, information, instructions, ideas, and the passion for this wonderful activity which encourages your creativity while knitting and purling!!

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